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For Creative People Interested in Music & Sound Production as a Career or Hobby
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Whether you are seeking a career in sound / music production, are planning on going to college, or just want to make your own music or creative content … Sound Master Pro Essentials are the perfect online lessons for you!

Sound Master Pro Essentials is a series of over 60 video lessons.

Our videos use multiple windows, multi-camera shots, graphics, and text guaranteed to put you close to the action and deliver “easy-to-understand” information.

You’ll discover what you really need to know to become an expert in sound production.

For example, you’ll learn all about sound, hearing, acoustics and soundproofing; plus how to use essential equipment like microphones, mic pre’s, consoles, speakers, and more.

You’ll also learn professional techniques for ensuring proper mic choice and placement; console gain staging, grouping, and mixing; FX processing, and much more.

"Console design was very easy to learn, thanks to the diagrams in the videos where the history of technology was explained."
~ Thomas L - Music business student

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Sound Master Pro Essentials was developed to provide YOU with a solid foundation in modern sound and music production.

It covers all of the important knowledge and skills you need  to excel in this area. For that reason this course is great for:

Musicians & Songwriters

Music Educators

Web Designers

Film, TV, and Video Creators

Music Business Professionals

In addition, this course is  for you if you're interested in pursuing a career as an audio engineer or you want to apply to study sound and music production in college, and you're looking to increase your chances of success.

For those looking to secure an entry-level position or internship in music or sound production, this course is terrific for entry into sound production for:

  • Radio, TV, Film
  • Theme Parks
  • Broadway shows
  • Sound design
  • Churches
  • News programs
  • Sporting events
  • Live performance venues
  • Website design
  • Advertising “Jingle Houses”
  • Recording studios
  • And more

Of course, these lessons are also great for those who simply enjoy creating music/sound as a hobby at home!


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Gain Immediate Access to Informative Videos That Give You a Highly-Effective, Multi-Sensory Learning Experience

Remember, SoundMasterPro tutorial videos combine lecture, text and visuals to give you a multi-sensory learning experience that helps you retain the information much better.

The videos feature multi-camera production techniques, picture in picture multiple window views and much more to get the information to you in the best ways possible...


All of the information delivered in SMP Essentials comes from a professional with years of experience in music and sound who has consistently demonstrated a unique ability to teach others how to do it successfully.

Learning sound and music production doesn’t get any easier than this course. You can watch the videos whenever it's convenient for you and wherever you have an Internet connection.

You can also proceed at your own pace. This course adjusts to your schedule instead of you having to carve time in your busy schedule for it.

"Gary has a unique ability to break down even the most complex sound and music production subjects into small, easy-to-understand, easy-to-do steps."
~ Richie S. - Pro bassist


WITH OVER 60 VIDEOS! Topics include:

• The History of Sound & Music Production

• Sound, Acoustics & Soundproofing

• Hearing & Critical Listening

• Essential Electronics

• Microphones: Types, Patterns,Specialty, Uses, Placement, Techniques

• Mixing Board/Consoles: Theory, Design, Features, Set Up, Operation.

• Speakers: Design, Uses, Placement, Powered, Passive vs. Active

• FX: Using EQ, Reverb, Delay, Compressors, Limiters, Gates

PLUS DAW Bonus Videos and more!

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Gain In-Demand Knowledge & Skills from the Comfort of Home!

The demand for sound recording, music producers and audio engineers is on the rise and with Sound Master Pro Essentials, you'll gain the knowledge necessary to pursue a career in sound recording and production.

But even if you are not interested in a career as a professional music producer or audio engineer, this course will still benefit you!

Why spend hours searching through YouTube videos only to learn piece by piece when everything you need is right here in one online course? It's the easiest way to start to become an expert; producing quality recordings that will impress friends, family and industry professionals.

Sound Master Pro Essentials is designed to give you the foundation you need to excel in music and sound production whether at home or in a professional environment.


In Sound Master Pro Essentials, you’ll be taught by Gary Filadelfo – a professional musician, engineer, and producer who has an extensive list of credits and experience covering all facets of music/sound production. 

Gary also has a master's degree in education and has taught in major New York universities for over 20 years.

"I wanted to say thank you for the amazing lessons. They truly exceeded my expectations.  The material taught through the videos was so helpful and interesting, and the teaching style made learning very enjoyable. Everything I learned I will be able to use pursuing my future career."   
~ B.B. - Singer, Songwriter NYC

What Others Say About Gary & Sound Master Pro Essentials:

I owe much of my studio knowledge and general technical acumen to Gary.
When I was fresh out of college Gary invested a considerable amount of (teaching) time and energy in me both as a recording artist and as a studio assistant. During that time I came to respect Gary’s considerable knowledge and experience as an audio engineer.
Most of all, however, I came to admire his talent for conveying information in a casual, patient, even entertaining manner. He made me want to learn, and I can’t think of a better asset than that for a teacher.

Peter Zizzo
Multi Platinum Producer, Songwriter, Musician 
(Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Jason Mraz)

Gary is an amazing, one of a kind teacher!
When teaching, he combines his extensive knowledge of the industry with clear and concise explanations. I have learned so much from him.
Watching his videos with clear diagrams, examples, and anecdotes, it’s easy to learn audio engineering from the ground up; from the ins and outs of DAWs to the mixing process, to  setting up a console, and a whole lot more.
You’ll definitely feel prepared and excited to start making the best sounding music with everything you learn from him!

Jeo Dorcely M.M. 
"She is the Music" (Alicia Keys, Co-Founder)
/Blackbird Academy Scholarship Winner

I appreciated the intro on sound (how it is created and what affects the sound). This was able to close some of the gaps I had in my understanding of how a recording is made.

Mayona S

Being able to see the pathway that the audio traveled on in the console gave me a better understanding of all the different components and how the console operates as a whole. 

Kyle C.
Interactive Media Arts Student

Watching the videos led to a serious gain in knowledge and understanding about using a console/mixing board. The visuals representing each situation really helped me to learn more about what the need is for so many features on a console.

Will F.
Theater Student

Mr. Filadelfo makes the subject matter so interesting and thought provoking. Plus he knows how to inject some humor into the lessons and make the students think through things in a logical manner. Highly recommended.

Stephanie Z.
NY Pianist and Composer

Gary’s music production lessons are suitable for everyone, from the very beginner to the advanced. He not only explains each process in detail, he also assures that you truly understand by incorporating real life examples, illustrations, and stories. Gary’s lessons absolutely helped get me to where I am now. 

 S. Min
A & R, FNC Entertainment  -  S. Korea

I always was aware of the different sound input when approaching a mic from different sides, but I never have seen it visualized on a graph, which really helped me to understand the concept of where sound is lost in certain mic’ing scenarios.

Jordan S. 
Business Student

I learned SO MUCH from Gary about how to make music and mix it.
I am now a university professor teaching Music Technology in Korea since 2000. 
I have done much music work; including music and audio post-production for an Olympic Imax Movie, and working on projects for the Korea National Gymnastics Organization as a composer and director of the music.
All these things are because of Gary’s wonderful teaching!

Yun C.
Composer and arranger, owner YJC Music, University Professor - S. Korea

I had the great fortune to have Gary as my first music technology professor.
His teaching style had the ability to combine the theory and the real world practical together in each lesson, while at the same time being entertaining and engaging.
Each topic was presented in a way that made it easy to see how to use the tools and skills beyond our lessons, and to this day I use many of those same concepts in my everyday work.
Gary gave me an incredible foundation to build my career in audio on, and I could not have been as successful without him. 

Todd Packer
Staff Engineer: The Music Palace, The Hit Factory, Chung King Studios
Field Application Engineer: JBL and Lexicon
Product Development Manager, Wisdom Audio

The DAW videos provided a super simple, comprehensive view of how to set up Pro Tools for a mixing session.
I found the color-coding techniques and careful consideration of the inputs and outputs very useful in demystifying some of the daunting complexity of the Pro Tools interface.
From the FX videos, I was super fascinated to know that we can create almost all time-based effects (flanger, phaser, chorus, doubler, echo, etc. *with the exception of reverb), with just a simple delay


Sarah S.
College student, Music Technology

I found the dynamic processing videos to be very inspiring. I had never really touched gates prior, so watching Mr. Filadelfo create a rhythmic pattern based off a separate keyed part gave me a lot of ideas to make my tracks more interesting.

The mixing demo was a great way for me to be introduced into full-scale mixing. I had previously done mixes centered around vocals and guitars, but this was the first time I ever saw behind-the-scenes of a full multi- instrumental mix.


Sean K.
Musician, Music Technology Student

Get the Foundation You Need to Excel at Sound Production!

In Sound Master Pro Essentials, you’ll discover how to record, mix and produce sound and music for a variety of purposes. 

This course covers: 

• Foundational audio production tools and techniques

• How different audio recording equipment works

• How to record and mix at an audio console

• The recording process step by step

• How to recognize and correct issues with an instrument or vocal

• Understanding effects processors and when to use them

• Common technical anomalies to watch for and how to fix them

• And much, much more

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14 day Money-Back Guarantee

Your purchase of Sound Master Pro Essentials is covered by our 14 day money-back guarantee policy.  *See our terms of use.

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BONUS CONTENT! Valued at over $995!

Become a Master of Digital Audio Workstations

To ensure you’re fully prepared to work “in the box", your enrollment includes FREE bonus content, covering the fundamentals of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).

Become a master of DAW basics, editing, mixing, comping, loop recording, vocal production techniques, and more!

PLUS you'll get the following:

* FREE Drums, Piano & Guitar mic'ing technique guides

* Exclusive access to the SMP Facebook group to interact with other students and instructors.

* Monthly Q & A videos sharing a multitude of insight.

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